profeccional photogrqahpy services
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Hire a professional photographer that will capture the best moments of your holiday in the Island of Gods

A professional photographer is able to skillfully capture all the most touching moments, pick the perfect angles and diversify shots with creative design

A true professional will not only beautifully and uniquely portray your love story, but also will not keep you waiting for the results for a long time

An experienced photographer is able to quickly process the footage, turning ordinary pictures into a work of art
Bike Rental
profeccional photogrqahpy services
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We offer a large collection of leading motorbikes and scooter brands at low-priced and affordable rentals.

Whether you're living in Bali or travelling here and need motorbikes for rent or a scooter for hire.

We make hiring a scooter in Bali, Kuta, easy with a secure payment method and customized rental plans, as per your budget.

This allows you to pay scooter rental and motorcycle rental without draining your pockets and leaving some for fuel and food.
Iphone repair
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Apple service center. Spare parts of the highest class. Discounts on repairs! We are dedicated to providing fast, professional and reliable service at an affordable price.Free delivery.
Massage at your villa
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Enjoy an authentic Balinese or Javanese massage at the comfort and privacy of your holiday villa in Bali

Choose the desirable massage type and duration

Select the number of people for massage session

Available massage specialist will come to your place at scheduled date & time

You will only need to pick a comfortable place in your villa to set up your massage session
Surf Lesson
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Start from the basics or master your skills - our surf teachers will provide the course designed especially for your needs. Languages available : English, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, and Korean.
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