Electric Scooter Rental

We provide an electric vehicle rental in Bali. We are committed to providing the best rental service to our clients, with responsive & fast service to ensure that your holiday experience is comfortable and enjoyable.

Client’s Responsibilities :
• Age 18-60 years old
• Having experience in riding a bike
• Having driving license/international driving license
• Must follow road rules/traffic sign
• Must wear a helmet while driving
• After using, the bike must be locked
• Bikes must be returned on time
• Any loss or damage of the bike/helmet/key will be the client’s responsibilities
• Bikes are not allowed to be taken off outside Bali area- Payment of the rent fee must be paid in full before the rental starts
• Rental time for 24 hours, for late return will be charge IDR 10.000/hour
• No refund for cancellation

Our Responsibilities :
• All bikes are fully charged
• All bikes are clean and in excellent condition
• We will provide helmet (clean & sanitized)
• We will deliver the bike to your location during business hours (8 am – 5 pm)
• We provide customer service from 8 am – 7 pm
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