Efoil (Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard)

  Embark on an exhilarating eFoiling adventure in Bali with our cutting-edge lessons that bring a whole new level of excitement. Imagine having the power in your hands, controlling the speed with precision. We're so confident in our teaching approach that we guarantee every student will be airborne after just one lesson!

Here's the breakdown of our comprehensive 2-hour program:

  • Commence with a thorough safety briefing and delve into the theory of eFoiling, covering essential aspects such as equipment familiarity, remote control mastery, maneuvering techniques, and the intricacies of flight.
  • Your safety is paramount. We provide top-notch safety gear, including vests, knee pads, and helmets equipped with walkie-talkies for seamless communication throughout the lesson.
  • Immerse yourself in practical training under the guidance of our skilled instructor. Begin with water practice near the shore, progress to your first flight, and receive real-time guidance and mistake corrections via walkie-talkie. Enjoy the liberating experience of free riding.
  • Capture and relive your most thrilling moments with in-lesson photos and videos, perfect for sharing on social media. Elevate your experience by opting for a professional drone operator to create a stunning video clip.
  • Post-lesson, our expert coach conducts a comprehensive video analysis of your technique and provides a tailored set of exercises to accelerate your eFoiling skills.

  Cap off your adventure by inviting friends to our beach club, featuring the finest ocean view. Unwind with a rejuvenating massage, savor fresh juices, or indulge in a delicious lunch to replenish your energy levels. Elevate your Bali experience with the ultimate eFoiling adventure and unforgettable post-lesson relaxation!

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